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  Quick Food  
NY Time: 10:39 AM Wed, 26 Feb 2020
Breakfast • Lunch • Snacks
   6:30 AM to 11:00 AM
   Breakfast Sandwiches
   Breakfast Platters
   Bagel Basket
   Fresh Fruit
   Hot Beverages
   Cold Beverages
Want the Usual or a Favorite?

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My Usual

Have a meal you eat every day or frequently?  Flag it as My Usual!  Just add this item to your cart and continue to Checkout.  Once your order is processed, you can then flag it as My Usual. 

The next time you visit the site, just click on My Usual - your items will automatically be added to your cart and will be ready for checkout.

When using My Usual to order, you can also add extras to your order or take things off.  And if you want to make this new order your new "Usual," just flag it as My Usual after checkout, just as you did before.

My Favorites

You may also order from My Favorites...and add additional items quickly too.  Just save selections to your Favorites list - the next time you want to order, go straight to My Favorites, instead of our menu, and order from there. 


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